Of Light and Shadow (guitar suite)

Tim Bedner

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According to Geannine Reid of JazzTimes: " 'Of Light and Shadow' reflects not only Bedner's virtuosity on his instrument, but also his notable compositional skills. The tracks provide Bedner and his band mates with an opportunity to stretch out and calmly develop each selection in a natural and unhurried manner. 'Of Light and Shadow's' most unique element is its broad sense of musicality, with each selection unfolding the musical story: this is not fast food styled music, and this is slow simmered goodness. Throughout the album there is a feeling of exploration and revelation that invites the listener in. The guitarist never ceases to surprise, creating a musical journey of outstanding compositions. Bedner has done a great job in producing music that is soulful, textured, energetic, emotive, earthy, with a touch of the Midwest open skies."

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