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I teach private lessons in the Centretown area of Ottawa at Alcorn Music Studios, as well as at my home studio in Orleans ON. Send me an email and we can talk about your musical goals and see if I'm compatible with your interests. 

I also give hands-on workshops and lectures for aspiring and professional musicians and guitarists. I can travel to your school, college/university, or guitar society to present workshops on: stage fright, music business, contemporary guitar pedagogy, fingerstyle techniques, arranging, improvisation. I also work with guitar ensembles and present workshops for the middle, high school and college/university jazz band rhythm section. 

You can follow this link to get an idea of what I do. 

Every so often I will get an email from someone I mentored years ago. Having been a tutor at Berklee College of Music, Adjunct Professor of Guitar at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and St. Vincent College in Latrobe and currently teaching at Carleton University, I will occasionally get an unexpected email. Here are some examples from guitarists I had a chance to work with. These students were very motivated and excited about learning music and understanding their instrument. Receiving these emails is one of the most gratifying feelings a mentor can have. 

Teaching Feedback:

• "This month's mentor, Tim Bedner, is well known as a superb jazz guitarist, and an incredible teacher and coach. Tim brings a generosity of sharing his deep knowledge - not only of guitar but any instrument. His wealth of experience allows him to coach all members on stage towards a better approach, sound and arrangement. Ask him anything! He will be there to answer your questions and give jammers and audience alike the credit of his advice. I have had the privilege of both performing and studying with Tim for the past few years. He is thorough, methodical, kind and generous. I hope you can make it out this Sunday." - Mary Moore, JazzWorks President

• "Hi Tim,  I hope you've had a great summer! I'm on my way to York tomorrow and wanted to thank you once again for your help between last fall and the spring. You really helped prepare me for my auditions, build my confidence in the swing style, and give my navigation of the fretboard a refreshing perspective. I will be back in Ottawa a few times between now and the spring and if I have time I'm hoping to squeeze a lesson in here and there... certainly next summer. I really wish you a year of success in your private lessons, and teaching at Alcorn and Carleton. You should feel great about what you do for young musicians in Ottawa, we're lucky!"

• "Hello Tim, I just wanted to let you that I just got accepted to York U and that's where I'm going to be headed in the fall! I owe you a huge thanks for helping to prepare me for all of the auditions, and I think it's going to be a fantastic place to start my first year. Having the opportunity to go to Toronto is going to be that much more exciting. I do hope to have a few more lessons before going to Toronto, even though the months are winding down, and I'm likely going to be signing up for the Carleton Jazz camp in August, just to soak in a little more jazz before I start the program at York."

• "Once again Tim, thanks so much for the help this year. You're a fantastic teacher and I'm really glad we managed to get me into a great school!"

• “I’ve studied under Tim Bedner for almost 6 years and, in that time, he has shown me the ins and outs of jazz guitar, as well as given me direction when I had none. Tim’s approach to teaching guitar is systematic and offers plenty of structure. However, it is his sensitivity and his intense desire to see others succeed that truly allows a musician to grow within that structure. On the bandstand, Tim is seen joyfully encouraging his fellow musicians and supporting them in the limelight; I have witnessed that same selfless enthusiasm time and again as Tim keeps an eye out for performance opportunities worthy of his students, celebrates in their accomplishments, and otherwise gives them the chance they need to spread their wings. It is, in equal measure, Tim’s mastery over the instrument and his selfless character that makes him not just a good guitar teacher, but a great one.”  

• "Hi Tim. I hope you're doing well up north.  Missed having you at Duquesne this last year.  I just wanted to say hi and to send my best, and to see how you're doing these days.  I graduated in December and at the start of 20.., I began working at a studio as an assistant engineer.  Ironic enough, about a week into my job, my musical skills were called upon, and ever since I've pretty much shed the engineering title to become a full-time session player.  So far this year, I've performed on about 50 recordings, ranging from country to jazz/pop, to Christian rock to funk and blues.  I thought you'd like to know, because the skills I acquired from lessons with you at Duquesne have come into play pretty much every day of my career.  I'm still working on my own projects (a new CD and a new band and a lot of great shows which don't involve smoky bars thankfully), and working my way down to Nashville and out to LA with some new connections I've made via the studio where I work.  I just wanted to thank you for the knowledge and ability you gave to me during my time at Duquesne and wish you the best.  Take care."

• "Hi Tim! It's Mike from way back in the Duquesne days!  How is everything going for you?  I really hope you are doing well up in Canada.  It looks like you are from your website! I really have to first thank you.  Even to this day I'm amazed looking back at how much you taught me.  Not just about guitar, but about music, about the HOW of learning music, about being a teacher that encourages and inspires their students, and most of all about being a great person and how to treat people with respect.  I truly feel that you taught me more about how to teach music than I ever learned in any of my music education classes!"

• "Tim! You are amazing, I hope you know that. I am so thankful to have met you and studied with you. I keep coming back to the things you taught me and I don't know where I'd be today if it wasn't for your guidance, incredible kindness and encouragement."

• "Hi Tim, I hope you're doing well. I just wanted to write you to let you know that I've been accepted to Vanier College! I am so grateful to you for everything that you taught me and helped me with, you really opened lots of musical doors for me. I know that I wouldn't have been able to do it without your help. Sincerely, Zach"

• "Hello Tim, I received your CD and it had a profound effect on me. After hearing this, all I want to do is study music very hard. I hope I can learn these compositions one day. I am so grateful to have heard this.  When I listen, the music seems to take me far away to a peaceful place.  Wow I am so fired up! Ok see you this Saturday at 1:00 PM EST."