"Of Light and Shadow is a project that reflects not only Bedner’s virtuosity on his instrument, but also his notable compositional skills. The tracks provide Bedner and his band mates with an opportunity to stretch out and calmly develop each selection in a natural and unhurried manner. Of Light and Shadow’s most unique element is its broad sense of musicality, with each selection unfolding the musical story; this is not fast food styled music, and this is slow simmered goodness. Throughout the album there is a feeling of exploration and revelation that invites the listener in. The guitarist never ceases to surprise, creating a program that develops a full range of temperaments, textures and tempos. Of Light and Shadow is a musical journey of outstanding compositions, Bedner has done a great job in producing a project that not only showcases the outstanding technical facility from the guitarist and his band mates, but also is full of music that is soulful, textured and energetic, as well as emotive, earthy, with a touch of the Midwest open skies." - Geannine Reid, JazzTimes - America's Jazz Magazine

"Guitarist Tim Bedner is a master of mixed moods and color contrasts. Bedner's greatest strength is his ability to separate himself from the crowd that believes intensity goes hand in hand with volume, aggression and excessive effects. He brings a sense of balance and measure to the music that allows him to build tension by contrast, not bombast, a quality borne out by his brooding lines on "Umbra" and wily work on "Synergetic." Elsewhere, his music dwells in a state of cloistered serenity ("Sometimes Sadness"), melds Brazil and the blues ("Bluenote"), operates in sunny places ("A.M. For P.M."), and comes across like a lovely breath of fresh air ("Waltz For Elise"). Of Light And Shadow doesn't win out with power or fireworks; it simply seeps into the pores. Tim Bedner's magical music finds a way to burrow into the inner soul." - Dan Bilawski, All About Jazz


"Of Light and Shadow is a diverse collection of first-class originals, performed with satisfying beauty and imagination. From the lively, fusionish opener, Umbra, to the gorgeous closer, Waltz for Elise, a tribute to his wife, singer Elise Letourneau, Bedner offers up surprise after surprise, by turns delicate, gritty, orchestrated, wide open, fun-loving, edgy and lilting. In an interview with the Citizen’s Peter Hum, Bedner said he waited to record an album until “the time was right,” until he could create music that would add beauty to the world. Mission accomplished." - Doug Fischer, Ottawa Citizen


"Some guys play the guitar extremely well and some guys who play the guitar just have great feel. Ottawa, Ontario-based plectrist Tim Bedner is in a special class of guitarists who excel at both. Tim Bedner is the complete package as a guitarist, and is a skilled composer as well. Of Light And Shadow sheds some much needed light on this hidden talent. I hope we hear more from him." - S. Victor Aaron, Something Else! Reviews


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#1 Top Jazz Adds CMJ issue #1264   

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#22 CMJ Jazz Chart issue #1265   

#37 CMJ Jazz Chart issue #1267

Tim Bedner’s "Of Light and Shadow" offers solid guitar playing  
~Kara Moore, KSBR CA.  

"I’m a guitar player myself, and I discovered your album on Spotify some time ago. I’m listening to it quite a lot, I think it’s great,  you’re one of my favorite guitar players. I like your tone, your melody lines , your tasteful compositions and the overall sound of your album. I think it’s only fair a musician is the first person to benefit from his musical products/output, not some provider like Spotify. That’s why I ordered your cd, and I’m glad I could order it directly from your website. If you ever plan to make a new album, let me know, I’m looking forward to it!" - Bernard from the Netherlands



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#10 Earshot Jazz Chart w/e 12/4/2012